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     Umatilla County
     Pendleton, OR 97801
    "All of our civil rights are under attack. No "single issue" rights group has successfully restored any lost right
     or even stemmed the erosion or practical seizure of a right - including venerable National Rifle Association
    (NRA).  It is time for the members of these rights groups to understand the inherent limitations of 'single issue'
    skirmishes led by lobbying organizations."
     "It is time for the People themselves to join forces and act collectively. Government, at all levels, must be
      forced back within the limits of the state and federal Constitutions."
     We announced that we were going to develop the We The People - Umatilla County to become "The Nationwide
     force that will institutionalize and organize citizen vigilance."
     The battle for Freedom and Liberty with order is, in truth, an on-going struggle of major proportions, not
     unlike that of any war. It requires managers (i.e., "generals") and a professional organization of skilled, fully
     dedicated personnel to assemble and organize the available resources, plan the tactics, support the troops
     and execute the attacks. And as in war, the army and its operations must also be adequately financed --
     ultimately by those who seek its protection.
     We trust you will agree that the time has come to address the significant challenges facing the We The People -
     Umatilla County and this Nation. We must have your participation and personal support if We The People 
     Umatilla County is to fulfill its Mission and become an instrument of the People to restore the Constitution to
    its rightful place of honor.
     With your help we will further the concept of assembling a critical mass of People, under a common, 
     professionally managed organization, dedicated to repelling all acts that would weaken the Constitution, by
     institutionalizing civic education, monitoring of government, and organized resistance against
     unconstitutional and illegal behavior by government officials.
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Photos           Videos        Events       Mission Statement        Message from the Coordinator        
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